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Janome Question#1

This may sound dumb but do I need to load "Buzz Tool" onto my PC? I have several embroidery designs from years ago and would like to stitch them out but am unsure of how to go about it. As lots of you know, Buzz Tool is a converter thingy but I don't know it Janome needs a converter thingy......HELP!!!

A Story About Two Wacky Girls

Alrighty then...I can explain. I'd been researching sewing machines for a month once I learned that my wonderful 7570 PFAFF did not upgrade. My friend Jerri invited me to ride with her and investigate Janome. Several of my wacky friends own here we go to Sugarland...that's somewhere way far past Houston, by the way. The Quilter's Emporium was our destination. Soon after arriving, we spotted the 11000 with all the bells and whistler one could possibly imagine. I fell in love with the thingy right way and soon after so did Jerri. We got alot of extra thingys to go along with the new machines that will take us forever to learn how to use but that's part of the fun...don't you think? So stay tuned to all the fun we're going to get into.