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Wacky Wednesday

Just a reminder that Wacky Wednesday is June 6th at Dalia's Restaurant. We have no birthdays this month. The fabric for the next Relay for Life Donation Quilt has been purchased and you will recieve you fat quarter pack at the meeting. "Texas Christmas" is the theme. Please bring any Texas patterns that might be appropriate. We will pick blocks to commit to so that we will have a good mix and no repeats. "Quilter of the Month" is Kathleen. All Wackies--DON'T FORGET your lighthouse blocks. Kathleen, if you are blogging on vacation, here is a little preview of what is to come. If you are not home for WW, I guess we will just auction your blocks. Do you wish "Good Luck" to the happy winner? LOL Another suggestion for the group has been to bring scraps to the meeting which will be exchanged. We will discuss how these will be used at the meeting. SEW--please bring to WW:
1. A 2-gallon size ziplog filled with scraps.
2. Kathleen's Lighthouse blocks.

Ready To Move In

The Tuff Shed is up and now I just have to put all the things that are in my "quilting way" in that building.

$600--A Very Successful Quilt Project

The WackyPac Relay for Life Donation Quilt was auctioned and brought $600. It was bought by a colon cancer survivor. A special thank you to member Annale for doing the applique and binding stitches and to member Kathy L for the quilting. Member Rhonda L made a notebook telling of the journey we took in making the quilt to be given to the new owner. Next years quilt is already in the planning. The theme is a surprise, but will be really special.

Colon Caner Donation Quilt

Today some of the Wackies were able to meet for a picture with the quilt for our local newspapers. We are so proud of the quilt and wanted to share it with everyone. This quilt is dedicated to Kathy E. pictured on the far right. She is a wonderful person, filled with a great spirit and a ready smile. We love you lots and lots!

Relay for Life Donation Quilt 2007

Click on the picture to get a closer look of our donation quilt for 2007 and visit
ravelly1's blog for more information about the quilt.

Pills, Pills, Pills

Look at the size of most of these pills! Good grief, what was I thinking. Molly talked my into the very large green ones (LOL). Not really but she did recommend them. The dark brown and lighter brown are Flaxseed & Fish Oil vits. Then I have a multi-vit & the two meds. To say that swallowing them is a piece of cake.....I would be lying. You need lots of water and just in case one of them gets caught in your throat......have crackers available. By the way.......several of my regular pills are missing. But you know what.....I feel fantastic, energized, ready to sew!

My Stars

This is a wonderful book that I've had for ...years! Finally, I decided to read it and experiment. Check out the quilt I made in about 6 hrs. on my blog:

Carriage House

Quilt Shop

Carriage House in Plano is the hot "new" but not really new, quilt shoppe that the Wackies have discovered. The shop owners are friendly, the layout of the shop...easy to navigate, the displays of quilts....fantastic! It's a must visit quilt shop to put on your "To Do" list.