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New Gadget

Hey "Wackies," I've got a new gadget. It's called "Captureview." It's a pair of binoculars with a built-in camera. It's made by Simmons Outdoor Corporation & it's great. This is one of many (215) pictures that I took on the way back from Tyler, TX yesterday. No, I wasn't driving & yes, this was taken through the windshield front seat. I had a blast clicking away. Bye the way, Coffee Landing was burned to the ground....hit by lightening. I don't know if they'll rebuild. No other building was touched.


Dear Wackies...... If you have visited my blog you might have noticed by background. Molly & I were chatting this morning & she asked me how I did here's the scoop.
1. Go to
3. Choose from the many .... there are lots
4. When you have on it...a larger version will appear.
5. Right click on the HTML and "select all"
6. Right click again and "copy"
7. Now, go to your own blog & get into the customizer or layout & choose HTML
8. Next, right click in the body ...that's the largest box that appears and "paste"
9. Save changes then view your blog.......oh before saving,... you might want to give it a title...just so you know which one it is....when making changes or rearranging.
Hope this helps.
"Hey,'re sitting on me"; "Don't crush my hat"; "It's so crowded in here, move over,will you"; "What's she reading, can you see the book"; I'm hot, is anyone else hot"; "Where's my needle, is someone sitting on my needle"; "Are we having fun yet"
This was a collage' of pictures from some of the "Wackies" many adventures & we made it into an iron-on for all of us!

"Road Trip"

Listen up WackyPac! We need to get away for the day says Kathy L. so Annale suggested that we "investigate" the quilt shop in Plano....I forget the name. Anyway...Road trip next Tuesday, May 1, 2007. Whoever can make it, we leave from Brookshire (Fairfield) at 8AM for a day of shopping. Shhhhhhhh! If we finish early, we've coming back through Waxahachie or however you spell it. Think about it and if you can't make it, call one of us on the cell and "order" something.
Remember......Daliah's on next Wednesday, May 2, 2007.

Blog Address

I don't know why my blog isn't correct on the WackyPac here's the address again:
Maybe that will help.
What are all my rowdy girlfriends up to? I miss ya'll. We need Daliah's soo!

Sewing Friends

Today I took a class with some sewing friends. I didn't accomplish alot but the company was wonderful.

My Quilts in a Slide Show from

Relay for Life Donation Quilt

Today 5 of the Wacky Pac spent the day putting blocks made by all the WackyPac together to be given to Relay for Life, the Cancer Walk-a-Thon. There was much cutting and sewing and pressing going on, not to mention the usual talking and laughing. I want to post more pictures, but I just can't seem to get them to go in the right place. The blue (represents colon cancer) quilt will be donated in honor of our Wacky Pac member, Kathy Earley. The is the second quilt we have donated. Last year it was pink and given in honor of our member Jerri Hendrix. Next week we will put borders on it and Kathy L. will quilt it and have it ready by May 18th. This is a labor of love in support of cancer victims everywhere. We pray all kinds of cancer will be eliminated in the near future.

Charlotte's Blocks

Well I got some sewing done this morning -- YEA! I had not made Charlotte's Rooster block so here it is! I still have to stitch it down, but at least you can see what it looks like. I hope it is colorful enough -- she said she wanted color!

The Swap

Yes the Wackies are swappin again in 2007. I was lucky and my name got drawn to get the blocks in January. I chose 6-inch Civil War blocks -- anything -- just in Civil War fabric. Here's a picture of the blocks I have received. (Well I hope it is there....this dial-up sometimes times out before the pic gets uploaded.) Everyone did soooooo gooooddddd!

I'm plannin' to make more blocks to go with them but not sure how big I want to make the quilt.

Molly's Block swap blocks-6" Thimbleberrie

Wacky Pac is swapping again in 2007. Each member picked a
size, theme, and a month. When her month comes around, she gets her
choice of blocks from each member. April is my month. The photo of
blocks made for me by my group are on the left. The right pic is of blocks that I have made to go with them into a quilt. Another UFP. Oh, but aren't they going make a lovely FINISHED project. Any suggestions? Let me hear it!


Our 2007 block swap is now is progress. Each member picked a theme and drew a month. She receives blocks of her choice at our Dalia's Restaurant Meeting in her month. Charlottes chose Rooster's with big tails. Her month was March. As you can see, I am late. I will give her block to her sister, Patty tonight at our April meeting. I hope that at some point we can post all the blocks so that you can see the talent in our group. Last year the block swap was blue and white blocks and each member made blocks using blue and off-white/cream fabrics into blocks of any size. These blocks are now being made into quilts. I hope these also will be posted soon. See my blocks below. The quilt is now put together with 4 patch units on top and bottom. Hopefully it will have them on the sides soon. My month is April and I chose 6 inch blocks in Thimbleberrie fabrics. I get them tonight--something for you to look forward to-I will post them soon! YEA


Just a little trip down "memory lane". Kathy L and Charlotte are manning the Guild booth at one of the last shows we helped with. The lovely quilt on the right is Kathys. Does anyone remember anything about the one on the left? I don't remember the year. Some of you might. I remember that the lady who is Bear Thread Designs was there and Nancy from Nancy's Quilt Block in Waco. Is this the show the year that Kathy E was president? If so, no wonder it was our last show
(Just kidding). What a wonderful Quilty life we have led. It led us straight to each other. I am so grateful.

Our First Trip to Paduka, Ky and AQS Quilt Show

Before the Wacky Women, before the Wacky Pac, there were the "Sewing Sisters". The time was around 1999. Please correct me if I am wrong. We are standing in front of Hancocks. Patty, Kathy, and Molly made the trip with a lady whose partner got sick and she could not drive herself. We took the opportunity to go with a tour guide as she had been before and knew the ins and outs. We stayed with a lovely couple who rent the extra rooms in their home during the Quilt Show and give the money to their church. We really had a great time. There were a few "incidents", but on the whole, it was a fun trip. BUT, from now on we will only load up with the WackyPac.