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A Wacky Weekend at Fryer Ranch--LET'S PARTY!

November 1st thru 4th -- 3rd Anniversary

You are Invited!
Please come quilting at Fryer Ranch . FOUR crisp fall days will be spent doing some power quilting, but most of all, will be a time when we can reconnect as Wackies. This just happens to be my favorite thing to do. I know some will not be able to come on Thurs., but come when you can and stay as long as you can. Beds will be set up for each except the two sisters who prefer not to stay overnight with us. They will stay late and come back early. I have one blow up bed, but need Kathleen and Annale to bring their beds. Sleep will be the last thing on our minds, but is necessary to keep us from killing each other.

Quilters never die --they just cut up! Is this us or what!
(Is that a word?)
I have three tables for your use. I have a large cutting table and an ironing station. Please feel free to bring whatever set up you prefer, but the…

It's a String Thing!

The Wacky Pack has decided on a swap for 2008! We will swap strip-pieced blocks -- three blocks for each person.

1. Cut 27 13-1/2 squares out of the stuff you are using for the foundation -- muslin, interfacing, etc.

2. Draw a diagonal line with pencil, or other marking tool, 1-inch to the left of the diagonal of the 13-1/2 sqquare. This will help you exactly center the center diagonal fabric which is 2-inches wide.

3. Decide on a fabric that you want to be the diagonal of each square (or focus fabric). Cut 27 2" x WOF of that fabric. The color choice is up to you. It can be scrappy, batiks, black and white, patriotic, holiday, etc.

4. Prepare a baggie for each Wacky. Inside this baggie you will put 3 foundation squares, 3 2-inch strips of your focus fabric, and any special instructions. Special instructions may include such things as: green on one side and pink on the other; alternate colors of green and red; use all different sizes of strips; use only 2" strips; us…

Grand Opening of Texas Deer Hunting

It wouldn't be the beginning of Texas deer hunting season if the Wacky Pack did not get together for some quilting at the Fryer Ranch.

This will be our third year to spend the weekend at the Ranch and do some serious, serious quilting! We also do lots of laughing and eating as well. (AND, there may even be a margarita or three thrown in as well).

Watch for upcoming pictures of our wild and wacky weekend!

Bathing Cruisers

No girls, you're not seeing double. I bought 2 bathing suits for the cruise. I just couldn't make up my mind, they were both so cute and made my look "good!" Here's the deal...they are called Miraclesuits. They make you look 10 lbs lighter. They're constructed to shape and firm the body without bulky linings or girdles. You know how much I looooove girdles...LOL Anyway, look for them at places like Dillard's. They may cost a little more but, hey, we are worth it.