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This Old Quilt

This old quilt, we titled, "The Blue Quilt" for obvious & beige blocks. We donated it to our local Quilt for a Cure fund raising organization 3 years ago. Each "wacky" made 2 blocks each then we had a sew-in to put it together and Kathy L. machine quilted it for us. Note the border applique` of a vine with stars, leaves & red berries and a two-toned blue ribbon. This little extra really tied the quilt together.

This Old Quilt

This old quilt is actually a quilt top that Kathy L. put together at one for our "Wacky" retreats. She said that it was fun choosing the scraps and easy to put together. She used one of E. Burns' quick methods. This is a fairly large quilt measuring approx. 72"X94".


143 down 357 to cut. Just look at all those tiny, little squares. If you're wondering what this is all about, it's all about "Charm" quilts. The Wackies decided on the next challenge for the fall. Well two of us cooked it up, the rest kind of nodded in confused delirium.......LOL..........our goal is to cut and bag 100 different fabrics measuring 2 1/5 inches for 8 participating Wackies. Even though I was not in the original "cooking up" part, I have been cutting my little buns off. I've bagged the allotted sets of 100 and am now cutting the rest of my own goal of 800 tinny, little squares!!!!!!!!!! Molly, Annie, Kathy and Kath have begun but I'm trying to get there first.......hehehehehehe

This Old Quilt

This small quilt (appox. 36 inches square) was my first try at stitching by hand using the buttonhole stitch around the chickens. I can't remember the exact name of the design or where I saw it in the first place. Maybe someone could help with that but I loved all the different colors and crowns of the chickens. The eggs were something I added because I thought there was too much black sashing.