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It's a Keeper!

Kathy, I hope you will consider keeping the "WackyPac" blog. I think we can do that one plus our own.
A little trivia question: Where & when was this pic taken? The winner gets a fat quarter from me at the next "WackyPac" night out.

Great Job Girls!

You guys are doing great. I had a whole story of our beginnings written out and my battery went dead and I lost it. I will do it again tomorrow. Not a good day today-I will tell you about it later. Too tired right now--tomorrow--Good night! Molly

Where are you?

Okay, this blog was created for all the Wackies it isn't a personal blog for me; Ya'll need to chime in here and post. I have made everyone an author so anyone can do whatever they want to do on here.

I'm trying to add our group picture at this time...wish me luck!