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West Coast Wackies.......

Without further ado (I think that's a word), here is the official WEST COAST WACKIES. I hope that you will visit them here.

Lani contacted the Wacky Pac Quilters of Texas and asked permission for her group to become the West Coast Wacky Pac. Of course, she had to be a "Wacky Wannabe" first as a probationary period. Then, the Wackies of Texas, met and had a drink (or three), discussed, cussed, disagreed, agreed and prepared a "swearing in ceremony" for them. We have received "official" word that the ceremony took place and all these lovely West Coast ladies are now "official" (love that word) WEST COAST WACKIES! Welcome to our world of wacky quilting our new friends!!!!! We are very happy to have you!!! We really wanted to use some big ole fancy words in this "official" (there it is again) announcement, but (as our Wacky Jerri says) it is really hard to work 'campo phenique" into a sentence. HEY.....we heard that....…

Ladies and Gentlemen...............

Step up and see the first entry in the Wacky Pincushion Challenge submitted by Debbie at Makin Quilts. Debbie says (and I quote) "well... here it is.... I decided to go slightly unconventional here... and pincushion one of my dogs - LOL.... it's functional as well as darn cute... plus I will send it on to Boston Terrier Club of Canada Rescue as a donation." Way to go Debbie!!! A very cute, clever and original. Thank you Debbie for your submission.

Wacky Wednesday

Yesterday was Wacky Wednesday. The 2nd Wednesday of each month, the Wacky Pac Quilters of Texas get together for dinner and drinks, show 'n tell, exchanges, etc. For 2009, we are exchanging 9-patch blocks -- any fabrics -- with the five squares being dark fabrics. It was quite an accomplishment for us to exchange these blocks! We pass them around the table and it usually ends up a mess -- but it always gets straight -- after LOTS of laughter.

Last night we had some show 'n tell for the 2008 swap -- string block swaps.

Below is a picture of Kathy L's completed quilt:

And here is a picture of Rhonda's:

And Molly's

Stay tuned for more Wackiness to come!

Hey Everyone!

Just checking in to see how those pincushions are coming along........I hope you are having fun choosing your pattern (or creating a pattern), fabrics, etc.

I can't wait to see them all. Remember to email your pictures to me at kearley75860(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Pincushion Swap

We have five folks so far who want to join our pincushion swap. They are: Toni, Debbie, Gina, Lani, and ClevelandGirlie. The rest of you need to step up to the cushion and make yourself a pin cushion. You can enter up to 3 different ones. Please email a picture of your entry(s) to kearley75860(at)yahoo(dot)com. I will get them posted for all to see. Remember -- February 8th is the last date to play.

Happy, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Wacky Pac Quilters of Texas. I am broadcasting LIVE from Kendalia, Texas, in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. The Wackies are taking turns "manning" (or womaning) the Wacky Pac Blog and January is my turn -- me Kathy, the Humble Quilter. Be sure to check out the pincushion swap and watch for more exciting things to come! Hope you are all have a great start in the New Year.