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Toast A Rising Star Block Winners

I wanted to post these pictures and thank our wonderful Wacky friend Molly for encouraging us to participate in the TDA (Texas Department of Ag) quilt block contest. As you all have read from our perspective blogs, the contest is held every two years and offers a different theme each time. The wine industries of Texas was the theme this year. Molly prodded, push, cajoled and dragged us along to make blocks. I, for one, just want to participate for the fun of it. I had no illusions of even placing but I didn't want to let Molly down by not even trying.
Low & behold, 3 "Wackies" were accepted and it's all because of Molly. I salute you, Molly.

Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!!!!

I have been thinking of posting here for several weeks. Tonight, after several drinks, I am doing it--the reason? -------to offer a CHALLENGE to you Wackies. Yes, once again, I am , I am, I am, Uh--well, uh---YES I AM, I am suggesting a CHALLENGE.

I am thinking that a pincushion swap would be fun for Christmas. This link takes you to a page of free pincushion patterns. Some of them are really really cute. Or you could come up with one on your own. I know, I know, we are so busy. You are right--I have gone off the deep end------------------once again. You can let me have it--go ahead--both barrels--I can take it---------------------------tell me how you really feel by commenting. Sorry--

I don't know what comes over me--

Pincushion Tutorials…


This is me without me "Wacky" friends surrounding me, protecting me, giving me positive feedback.......Alright my "wacky" friends....I need a wacky fix real soon or who knows what will happen.