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Uncle Sam Says......

Virtual Wannabee Pincushion Challenge

Oh Christmas Tree

Christmastrees come in all shapes and sizes, including the 1 dimensional kind. This is a quilted tree made by Kathy L. last year for a class she and Patty were teaching. Kathy was playing around with the design and attempting to lessen her fabric stash.

Kit It

Our "wacky" pal, Kath loves kits. She bought this one a few months ago at Common Threads in Waxahachie, Texas. The directions were easy to follow and the quilt went together like a dream. Of course the fabrics are ThimbleWar and CivilBerry. If you're confused with the fabric am I.......LOL.......I can't tell them apart unless I read the side labels. BTW, no, this is not Kath's sewing studio. This was taken on a recent retreat.

Crazy Quilt

Kathy L., one of our Wacky members who doesn't have a blog.....I know it's crazy but she doesn't......anyway we did a little show & tell at our Christmas Party and this quilt Kathy made in no time. She is our fastest member when it comes to making a quilt. She is also our long-arm quilter. Very convenient for us. Kathy is a sweet soul who would bend over backward to help with any project we get into. Of course, the picture doesn't do this Thimbleberry fabric justice.....or is it Civil War, I know it's ThimbleWar/Civilberry. I always get them mixed up. If you'd like to see more of all our fun and laughter, pop over to HumbleQuilter. She'll give you the low-down.

The Art of Pincushions

Today the "wackies" celebrated our annual Christmas party. As you can imagine there was plenty of food, much laughter and a few tears. Molly challenged us to make pincushions this year. Trust me, this was much easier that her previous ideas. Here's the results from those who chose to participate.

I am very proud of our efforts and I think I'll make a few more as gifts. Who know, one might be coming your way.

And The Winner Is.......

And the Christmas Tree Table-runner going to.............Sue!
Yippie Skippy for Sue C. Your table-runner will be on its way to you ASAP!


By Wednesday morning the Give-away Christmas Tree table-runner will be on its way to a luck recipient. Will it be you or you or you.

Don't miss out........there's still time to leave a comment to enter the give-away which will end Tuesday, Dec. 9th @ 11PM.

Take a look on our sidebar to get a gander at the cute table-runner. It was loads of fun making it and only took a day. A tutorial on how-to is provided in previous posts. Follow the link to view where to start.


I popped in on "Wannabee Monica" to see what she was up to and she had a link to a recipe that you won't believe but it is out of this world. So, pop over the "MUG" which by the way is not her name but I thought it was appropriate for what you will need is the best thing and the quickest.....well that's all I'm saying. Grannie G really knows how to cook!

No Cheating...Let's Have Some Fun & LOL

One of your "Wacky" members sent this survey, of sorts, to me the other day and after reading through it to answer 1 question, I felt I had to share it with our blogger friends, because my choice was right on the money. Here'll be as amazed as I was......BTW, leave your answer in the "comments" section.

If all the 8 desserts listed below were sitting in front of you, which would you choose (sorry, you can only pick one)! This is said to be very accurate. Pick your dessert and then look to see what psychiatrists think about you.
Remember - No peeking....Make your choice before you check the meaning.
Here are your choices:

Angel Food Cake
Lemon Meringue Pie
White Cake with Chocolate Icing
Strawberry Short Cake
Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing
Ice Cream
Carrot Cake

Now, don't change your mind one you scroll down, so think carefully about what your choice will be!!!

Have you chosen yet?


Now, this is what the researchers say about your…