Monday, March 19, 2007

Great Job Girls!

You guys are doing great. I had a whole story of our beginnings written out and my battery went dead and I lost it. I will do it again tomorrow. Not a good day today-I will tell you about it later. Too tired right now--tomorrow--Good night! Molly

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KathyE said...

Oh Good Molly! You need to post the story. That would be so great!

Well, I'm up this morning having my coffee and reading my email. Then, it's off to shower and get ready to go to work. (That's just my routine!) You know I really do like my job; it is office work but the environment is SO different from working at the plant. I was walking down the hallway last week and all I could think was "I'm such a blessed woman -- I got a good job right here in town, they pay for my insurance, and I'm healthy". I just felt a need to share that with ya'll.

I have jury duty this morning at 9 am. I wonder if I'll get picked --I'm Juror #140 -- I hope not!

I have Debbie Stanley's RR on my design wall and I have an idea! I just have to graph it out to see if it will work.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and get to do some sewing!!!!