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Pills, Pills, Pills

Look at the size of most of these pills! Good grief, what was I thinking. Molly talked my into the very large green ones (LOL). Not really but she did recommend them. The dark brown and lighter brown are Flaxseed & Fish Oil vits. Then I have a multi-vit & the two meds. To say that swallowing them is a piece of cake.....I would be lying. You need lots of water and just in case one of them gets caught in your throat......have crackers available. By the way.......several of my regular pills are missing. But you know what.....I feel fantastic, energized, ready to sew!
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Before you begin the movie, please turn off the sidebar player. Thank you!
Happy Holidays everyone! The Wackies have so much to be thankful for......with all our families and friends and all of our blogging buddies. This year has flown by and was filled with great activities, projects, swaps, purchases, some triumphs and a few losses.  I wanted to take a moment to remember our girlfriend, Jerri who passed away nine months ago.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her or laugh at something she said or did.  Jerri was such a large part of my life.  She was the sister I never had, the best friend and traveling buddy and she gave great advice, too.  Jerri was the life of the party and I'm so blessed to have known her. Above is a little movie I made to share with our group a little after Jerri passed away.  It's a snippet of her antics and love of living. I'm sharing it with you in the hopes that it will lift your spirits, make you laugh or just spread a…

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