Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's a String Thing!

The Wacky Pack has decided on a swap for 2008! We will swap strip-pieced blocks -- three blocks for each person.

1. Cut 27 13-1/2 squares out of the stuff you are using for the foundation -- muslin, interfacing, etc.

2. Draw a diagonal line with pencil, or other marking tool, 1-inch to the left of the diagonal of the 13-1/2 sqquare. This will help you exactly center the center diagonal fabric which is 2-inches wide.

3. Decide on a fabric that you want to be the diagonal of each square (or focus fabric). Cut 27 2" x WOF of that fabric. The color choice is up to you. It can be scrappy, batiks, black and white, patriotic, holiday, etc.

4. Prepare a baggie for each Wacky. Inside this baggie you will put 3 foundation squares, 3 2-inch strips of your focus fabric, and any special instructions. Special instructions may include such things as: green on one side and pink on the other; alternate colors of green and red; use all different sizes of strips; use only 2" strips; use all western fabrics, etc. The choice is yours. Just make sure you include this information if you want something special.

5. Once you receive baggies from everyone, start sewing and have fun!

Sewing Instructions:
1. Put the diagonal focus fabric RIGHT SIDE UP on the 13-1/2" foundation square with one edge of it on the line you drew to the left of the diagonal.

2. On each triangle you will "sew and flip" strips of the 'baggie owner' choice until the square is completely covered. The strips should extend out over the edge of the square.

3. The "fill-in" strips should not be more than 2" wide (or whatever the 'baggie owner' requests).

4. Trim the completed strip block to the original 13-1/2" and return to the owner. WE WILL TRIM OUR OWN SQUARES WHEN WE GET THEM BACK TO THE SIZE WE DESIRE.

5. Each Wacky should end up with 27 string blocks (which includes the three they make for themselves).


MOLLY said...

Thanks KE--Great Job--now when I forget something--I will know where to go to find out!

Kathy Wagner said...

This is a neat gals are so creative! You know how to stir up quilting fun!