Thursday, September 4, 2008

Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!!!!

I have been thinking of posting here for several weeks. Tonight, after several drinks, I am doing it--the reason? -------to offer a CHALLENGE to you Wackies. Yes, once again, I am , I am, I am, Uh--well, uh---YES I AM, I am suggesting a CHALLENGE.

I am thinking that a pincushion swap would be fun for Christmas. This link takes you to a page of free pincushion patterns. Some of them are really really cute. Or you could come up with one on your own. I know, I know, we are so busy. You are right--I have gone off the deep end------------------once again. You can let me have it--go ahead--both barrels--I can take it---------------------------tell me how you really feel by commenting. Sorry--

I don't know what comes over me--

Pincushion Tutorials


Kathy said...

Molly, sometimes you just "scare the hell out of me"!!!!! /tgere are sew many things that we think I like.

Would you believe that I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT ABOUT PIN CUSHION SWAP?????? I've read about several on different blogs and all the cute patterns there are. Also, in my studio on top of an old treadle sewing machine, I have a bunch of different pin cushions that I have collected over time. Several times I've thought about blogging about them, but just never have taken the pictures and done it.

Now, here you have challenged us to do a swap at Christmas. I HAVE WANTED TO BRING THIS UP TO THE WACKIES, BUT WAS AFRAID TO DO IT!!! I know ya'll all think I'm crazy 'cause I like to do little swaps, and I thought "they'll kill me if I mention a swap". SEW, Molly Dear, I'll be glad to swap with you!!!

Great Idea!

Kath said...

This is why I admire you so much, Molly! You are such an inspiration! Yes! I would like to do this swap. It's true that time is an issue - but that is mostly because I don't plan my time very well - and I am working on that. So . . . a pin cushion it is!!!!!!! You keep up the creative thinking! I love it!

Jerri said...

YES, I'm gonna KILL you! However, I will try to make a pin cushion. "Maybe YES, Maybe NO".

Rhondee said...

Well, I'm in. I like challenges, sort of. The pincushion thingy sounds do-able. It's easier than the other Christmas thingy you had us do.........LOL......I'd better get started right away just in case something or someone gets in my way....M.O.M.

Kathy said...