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So many have yearned to be a member of the infamous "Wacky Pac". We thought it would be fun to form a VIRTUAL group of all the gals who WANNABEE WACKIES. So we came up the Wacky Pack Wannabees. BUT---------there is certain criteria that must be met. You may be a Wacky Pac Wannabee if--------

1. You are in AWE of the Wacky Quilting Group.

2. You know or want to know the meaning of "MINE"S BROKE".

3. You like to talk about alcoholic drinks more than you like to drink them.

4. You would be willing to crowd into a photo booth with 8 other Wackies.

5. You would perform a group cheer in a crowded elevator.

6. You have ever wondered where the term "Ape S__t" comes from.

7. You take your medication and then wonder what you just swallowed.

8. You love to laugh to the point of moistness.

9. You own 2 to 10 sewing machines and know how to use them.

10. You are gutsy or stupid enough to ride a zip line in Honduras.

11. You perform best when surrounded by all Wackies.

12. You know the meaning of true friendship and value that more with each passing day.

Well, you may not REALLY be able to roll with the Wacky Pack, but now by the virtue vested in me, I now pronounce you a Virtual Wacky Wannabee. This may not be the REAL THING, but hey, it's the best we can do. Now, leave a comment and then copy the sidebar button and link to this post. You will then officially be a WACKY PAC WANNABEE. CONGRATULATIONS!!


Rhonda said…
Molly, you did a great job describing us! Come on ladies out there in bloggerland......sign-up. I know you will have a blast with us.
Anonymous said…
You gals sound like a blast to be with. I would love to join your wacky group!!!!! I might be willing to perform all requirements except the zip line in Honduras. I would consider a zip line somewhere else though!!!!

Karen in IN
Marie said…
it would be a blast to be a part of your pack!!! but living in Fl. it is s far distance to Texas but I would be there if I could. Hugs and blessings, Marie
I'm planning my birthday trip to Austin in that close enough for a WP meet up??

I would love to join WP! I love reading all the blogs about your retreats and the silliness that ensues!!
Kath said…
Molly! You did a wonderful job! This is great! We may need to help everyone understand that it is just a VIRTUAL Wacky. "vir-tu-al 1. being such in force or effect, though not actually or expressly such. 2. temporarily simulated or extended by computer software." What do ya think?
mjnauert said…
Ok, Ok...I'm in for sure. But you forgot to mention the annual membership fee of a finished quilt (with binding) to one of the founding members...which one of you wants it? I have to tell you that number 3 got me wondering. I think that I like drinking them more. Anyway, I would be a Wacky Pack Wannabee anyday. Big hugs!

Quilting Cindy said…
ME! ME!! I originated in TX please let me be in your WP.
Jerri said…
Welcome all to Virtual Wacky Wannabees Quilting group. I think we are in store for some fun and interesting projects. Looking forwarding to visit each of your blogs.
Jerri (member, WP)
Gina said…
Hey can I be an overseas member. I've done a zip line, but it wasn't in Honduras. It was in a Royal Marine base and there was a very hunky Marine ready to catch me.

Love and hugs Gina xxx
Fiesta said…
Oh, I would love to joun this group.
Debbie said…
I would love to be a wacky pac member... do you take canadians - LOL
Kathy Wagner said…
Well now, you just know that I have been "green with envy" about all the fun adventures y'all have!
I'm a little nervous about the initiation ceremony! FYI...I have been admired/admonished for my loud laugh all my life...I think I'll fit in with the Wacky Pac!
Molly said…
Hi Molly I'm Molly also. You have done a great thing here. I would be proud to be a virtual member. Molly Wilson
CC said…
Being as how I'm from Texas and gutsy enough to do just about anything..:),I would so dearly love to be in your group...just so long as I don't have to run nekkid thru the streets of downtown Fort Worth..:).
Tozz said…
I would like very much to be a part of this wonderful group. I am in Australia so will find it a bit hard to do number 10 but I have done something a little similar here. I look forward to all your wacky ideas and such :)
By Hoki Quilts said…
Oh Molly how can I not want to be a Wacky Pac Wannabee, your initiation challenges are as virtual as my attempts to succeed in doing them, well some of them anyway. Please count me in - a lonely quilter from over the ditch.
hugs to all

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