Saturday, April 28, 2007


Dear Wackies...... If you have visited my blog you might have noticed by background. Molly & I were chatting this morning & she asked me how I did here's the scoop.
1. Go to
3. Choose from the many .... there are lots
4. When you have on it...a larger version will appear.
5. Right click on the HTML and "select all"
6. Right click again and "copy"
7. Now, go to your own blog & get into the customizer or layout & choose HTML
8. Next, right click in the body ...that's the largest box that appears and "paste"
9. Save changes then view your blog.......oh before saving,... you might want to give it a title...just so you know which one it is....when making changes or rearranging.
Hope this helps.

1 comment:

MOLLY said...

You're such a expert, NOW. You Go Girl!