Friday, April 6, 2007

The Swap

Yes the Wackies are swappin again in 2007. I was lucky and my name got drawn to get the blocks in January. I chose 6-inch Civil War blocks -- anything -- just in Civil War fabric. Here's a picture of the blocks I have received. (Well I hope it is there....this dial-up sometimes times out before the pic gets uploaded.) Everyone did soooooo gooooddddd!

I'm plannin' to make more blocks to go with them but not sure how big I want to make the quilt.


MOLLY said...

I should have known, YOU ALREADY DID! Sorry, I should have checked. They are beautiful blocks-----again! Hey, yours would look good with mine--how much would ya take?

MOLLY said...

BTW--great job updating the site. We may have to drop it if more don't participate, Huh. It would really be great if all could post a little. THANKS

Rhonda said...

Those blocks look good, girlfriend!