Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wackies Go Retreating

Well, here we are at the Compass Centre in Mt. Calm, Texas, on a retreat --six of the 10 Wackies! What a great time we are having. We are even getting "some" sewing done. Rhonda has been really cracking the whip on us to keep us focused on our sewing projects. (Wouldn't ya know it -- that retired teacher is BACK!).

Well, poor sweet Rhonda was so involved in sewing and blogging, and listening to her music on her IPod fell out of her chair. ........Here it is --
Of course, everyone immediately ran to help her thinking she may be hurt even tho she was laughing. The Wackies were so concerned that they grabbed their cameras and headed over to take pictures. It was the paparazzi all over again -- cameras flashing everywhere! After everyone composed themselves from wales of laughter, Rhonda told us that she was okay. Boy or we glad. Thanks for the laughs, Rhonda!!!! WE love you!


Jeanne said...

It looks like a wonderful time! Laughter is good for the soul, they say and quilting with friends can't be beat. Enjoy.

Nicole and Phil said...

YOu girls always look like you are having a wonderful time together! I am envious that you have such an amazing group of women to laugh and quilt with!
Your blocks you work on together are terrific!
Thank you for sharing your quilts and your friendship with us!