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Being the history buff that I am--If I were to wish to go somewhere other than home for Christmas, where would it be? WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA! Our sister, Kathy E is there as we speak and is already emailing us of her adventures. Although she was blogging the morning instead of sightseeing, she did get out of her son's house this afternoon to view some of the wonderful sights. No snow there, weather kinda like Texas, she said (OH NO--can't get away from it!). The following is the story of the airport adventure. Sounds like a trip from hell, but worth it to see their son, Josh and wife Patience, and Williamsburg during Christmas. I will post other details as she sends them in or you can check her blog. . My favorite part is about the running--I love it--ROTFLMAO

After a really LONG day, I am happy to report that Ron and I have made it to Williamsburg! We go to DFW at approximately 11:45 am for our 2 pm flight to Chicago. We knew we were early, but we were excited so it was okay!We waited patiently and were anxious to board the plane. The lady came across the speaker that there were some weather problems in Chicago and the plane would be delayed a few minutes. Okay, we understand. Well, the few minutes turned into hours!!!! I know you have seen the pics on the news of the airports at the holidays and people EVERYWHERE -- it's real! We were part of it. We finally boarded the plan at 4 p.m. BUT, we had to taxi out on the tarmac and SIT there for 1 hour and 15 minutes before we could take off!!!! We had to move away from the gate because it was needed for another incoming flight! We finally make it to Chicago to change planes. We came in to gate C-29 at 7:15. Our connecting plane was at gate C-9 leaving at 7:33 p.m.!!! (originally suppose to leave at 5:40 pm). We hauled butt (and that's a LOT of hauling) to gate C-9. We get there, and we find out that our gate had been changed to gate 21 --right CLOSE to where we had just ran from. We took off again and I mean we were running! We were among the last few people to make it on the plane!!! We no more got seated and the pilot was telling the attendants to prepare for take-off. Josh was in constant communication with us from Williamsburg as they were waiting to drive to Washington D.C. (approx. 2 hrs away). They picked us up and then we headed to Williamsburg. Oh, one thing, I fogot -- we ran off and left our coats in the car at Dallas! It was 34 in Chicago and 38 in Washington!! !!! We had not eaten all day except for some pretzels on the plane so we stopped at a Waffle House and ate. We got in the bed at 4 a.m. this morning!!!!! !! Girls, this big fat girl was TIRED!!!!! I just got up and of course I couldn't wait to tell my sisters my story!Okay, enough for now. Ya'll be watching my blog. I hope to be posting pictures and news on there. Josh says there is a big quilt store here -- biggest in the area -- and they are having a 50% off sale! YEA! SEND MONEY! I hope he is not kidding me!!!!!More news later.Love to all KE


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