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Girls Night Out

It all started with a phone call from Patty who relayed the message that Annie needed a "drink" after 2 wonderful weeks with her grandbabies. Of course she loves them dearly.....nevertheless something strong was required. So the word..."call" went out and when all was said and done, 9 of the 10 WackyPac members were able to attend. It was great to see everyone. Jerri had been shopping for clothes and jewlery because she's goin' on a cruise she told us. LOL
Drinks and laughter flowed with wonderful loving company. Talking about cruisin' made everyone thursty, so we went round again. After dinner when all the bill was paid...we moved to our next meeting place.......outside the establishment on the covered porch. Jerri slowed off your painted and manicured toes. Well, we'll all have to get that done before the curise.
Slowly, one by one, we started to leave. It was hard to say goodbye. A few lingered but finally it was time.
With waves, hu…

Kathleen's Lighthouses

This is the block that I made for Kathleen. I wasn't able to edit the earlier posting to add this photo to the others. Anyway, here it is. Jerri

August Deadline

Hello Wackies! Three blocks down and more coming. Remember our theme is Western or Cowboys. Molly really picked out some great fabrics. Most of us got our kits the other night at Daliah's and the others will be mailed out soon. August is a tentitive deadline to get your "2" blocks (any size) to Molly. If you need suggestions or patterns or whatever, give a shout out to some of us and we'll get you some help. This is really exciting and I know the quilt is going to be a great hit!


Does this remind of of something? Water, the ocean, maybe? Let's go cruising Wackies!
Date: February 25-March 2, 2008
Sponsered by Quilters Emporium
Prices:............. I don't know yet but will find our soon. A clue....$2500....Yippies! We've got plenty of time to save up, remember, Feburary. It's only June so start saving those pennies, girls.
Talk to me or Molly or Charlotte. We need to do this, girls. You know we do. Leave a comment, please or call a WackyPac member. NOW!

Kathleen's Lighthouse Blocks

June was Kathleen's month for her choice of blocks. Everyone made her "Lighthouses". The following are what she received. She will be receiving at least two more. What a beautiful quilt it will be. We expect to see it next month, Kathleen. If I got some of the names wrong, please let me know and I will redo.

By Kathy Earley

By Kathy Logsdon

By Rhonda Lawton

by Kay Costello

By Annale Blair

By Kay Costello

By Patty Helbert

By Molly Fryer

The Ole Bag Swap

The Wacky Pac Quilters have been discussing thru email having a scrap block swap using each other’s scraps. SEW, we started. Here are the rules:

1) Each person provides a 2-gallon baggie full of scraps and brings to Wacky Wednesday for swapping. Put your name on the bag.

2) You will make a block of your choice from the scraps you bring home.

3) You can only add background fabric. All other fabrics must come from the baggie you end up with for that month.

4) At the following Wacky Wednesday, bring back the bag of scraps, your completed block to show. If you do not bring a bag and completed block to Wacky Wednesday, you do not get another bag of scraps.

5) It is up to each individual to keep up with whose scrap bags they have used.

At the end of swapping, we will have enough blocks to make a scrappy quilt for ourselves. This should be lots of fun and we will end of with really neat scrappy quilts. It will be interesting to see what everyone one comes up with.

We st…

Texas Christmas

We met at Dahlia’s last night and discussed the Texas Christmas quilt that we are making for Relay for Life. Molly showed us the focus fabric and passed out baggies with FQs for us to make our blocks. We decided that we should each choose a block so we knew that we would have a good variety of blocks for the quilt. Once we each make our blocks and we start putting them together, we can determine if we need filler blocks. Those present committed to make the following blocks:

Molly – Steer with Christmas Lights
Annale – Texas and Alamo
Rhonda – Boot and “Howdy”
Kathy L – Cactus and Pieced Stars
Kathy E – “Merry Christmas Ya’ll” and Armadillo
Kay – Coyote
Patty – to be decided
Charlotte – to be decided
Jerri – to be decided
Kathleen – to be decided

Instructions for blocks: Use the fat quarters provided. You may use other fabrics that coordinate, but they must coordinate with the boot fabric.

Blocks must be finished and ready to be put together no later than August 15th. We want to have the …


How many Wackies does it take to come up with an idea, sketch it out, digitize/customize it and come up with something worthwhile? If you guessed 3 you'd be WRONG! (LOL) It actually took all ten of the Wackies to "get-her-done." Jerri came up with the idea...Thanks, by the way Jerri. I, Rhonda drew it, scanned it into an "E" to get approval from the group, then it was sent to Annie for digitizing/customizing. Notice I always say both words.....because I don't really know which one she uses. Anyway Annie fiddled with the design, called for a conference and it was finally stitched out. Whew! I don't know why we put ourselves through these's so stressful but fun.