Wednesday, June 6, 2007


How many Wackies does it take to come up with an idea, sketch it out, digitize/customize it and come up with something worthwhile? If you guessed 3 you'd be WRONG! (LOL) It actually took all ten of the Wackies to "get-her-done." Jerri came up with the idea...Thanks, by the way Jerri. I, Rhonda drew it, scanned it into an "E" to get approval from the group, then it was sent to Annie for digitizing/customizing. Notice I always say both words.....because I don't really know which one she uses. Anyway Annie fiddled with the design, called for a conference and it was finally stitched out. Whew! I don't know why we put ourselves through these's so stressful but fun.
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Kathy or Kathryn or Dana or .......... said...

Good Wacky Girls! I can't wait to see it. Hope you have it tonight for us to see!!!

Kathy Wagner said...

You are so lucky to have such wonderful friends to share these adventures with!