Thursday, June 28, 2007

Girls Night Out

It all started with a phone call from Patty who relayed the message that Annie needed a "drink" after 2 wonderful weeks with her grandbabies. Of course she loves them dearly.....nevertheless something strong was required. So the word..."call" went out and when all was said and done, 9 of the 10 WackyPac members were able to attend. It was great to see everyone. Jerri had been shopping for clothes and jewlery because she's goin' on a cruise she told us. LOL
Drinks and laughter flowed with wonderful loving company. Talking about cruisin' made everyone thursty, so we went round again. After dinner when all the bill was paid...we moved to our next meeting place.......outside the establishment on the covered porch. Jerri slowed off your painted and manicured toes. Well, we'll all have to get that done before the curise.
Slowly, one by one, we started to leave. It was hard to say goodbye. A few lingered but finally it was time.
With waves, hugs and kisses we bid one another so long until next month.
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MOLLY said...

Can't wait until next time.