Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A email asking for scraps (friend traveling to Mexico plans to teach quilting) prompted me to cle an. My small sewing area was getting really crowded. STUFF EVERYWHERE!!! I am sure all of yours are neat and tidy with no stuff stacked to the ceiling!! I managed to bag up 3 garbage bags of fabric, rulers, and other stuff and in the process, straightened up and clean out. I sent fabric that I can't believe I ever bought. Getting rid of it gets rid of the guilt that I will not be using it. It will be used to make beautiful quilts by SOMEONE ELSE!!

Things look slightly more tidy now, especially the closet . Tell me---do you think this is the before? or the after picture?Hey all you Wackies--I challenge you to clean and give your extra fabrics to Ann. She needs it for the ladies in Mexico and you benefit by getting rid of fabric you don't even like anymore, but feel guilty about not using. I know you love a good challenge---Take all to Kathy L's and Ann will pick it up.


Alycia said...

I am guessin that is the after since there is nothing on the floor! What a gereous thing for you to share your quilting supplies with others!!

Rhonda said... we really have scraps to share? Just kidding. I'm on it. Kathy may have fabric up to her roof top before long.

Greenmare said...

well good job on the spring cleaning! it always feels good doesn't it? well, maybe not good enough to do it more often, but still it does feel good!

Paul Sears Photography said...

Can you guys show my wife how to get organized... lol