Friday, January 30, 2009

West Coast Wackies.......

Without further ado (I think that's a word), here is the official WEST COAST WACKIES. I hope that you will visit them here.

Lani contacted the Wacky Pac Quilters of Texas and asked permission for her group to become the West Coast Wacky Pac. Of course, she had to be a "Wacky Wannabe" first as a probationary period. Then, the Wackies of Texas, met and had a drink (or three), discussed, cussed, disagreed, agreed and prepared a "swearing in ceremony" for them. We have received "official" word that the ceremony took place and all these lovely West Coast ladies are now "official" (love that word) WEST COAST WACKIES! Welcome to our world of wacky quilting our new friends!!!!! We are very happy to have you!!!
We really wanted to use some big ole fancy words in this "official" (there it is again) announcement, but (as our Wacky Jerri says) it is really hard to work 'campo phenique" into a sentence. HEY.....we heard that.......we can't spell you say?????.....hey were are quilters not English Majors!!!!


Debbe said...

A big howdy to the state of Texas. I'm one of the new West Coast Wackies...we are just pleased as punch to be part of your crew! And since I was born in Kingsville Texas many moons ago I am especially glad to meet everyone!! Can't wait to get to know everyone.
hugs from a west coast wacky,

Rhonda said...

What a great gooding group of ladies. Welcome West Coast Wackies!.

MOLLY said...

Pretty soon the world will be FULL of Wackies---HUH? You know what I mean--or--if you don't maybe your not REALLY Wacky--Think about it--Maybe you shouldn't think about it.
Now you see why I am a member--LOL

mjnauert said...

Welcome to the Freakshow ladies. You will feel right at home with these gals they are the best! I still havn't paid my annual dues of $1,000.00, or they would make me 'official' too! I hope to see y'all someday.

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mjnauert said...
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