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Results from Koozie Contest

Sorry, I've taken so long to post the, cooking, Easter and cleaning up got in the way.

We have a tie for First Place with Step away from......... & Don't even think.........

Second Place What did the fat quarter............

And Third Place Boo Hoo

The Wackies wish to thank the "Wannabees" who participated. To claim your prizes please email me your address and prize request. Yes, ladies you may choose which prizes you would like.


Tozz said…
Woo hooo...I am so excited!! Thanks for this fabulous contest and I enjoyed it alot. I have come in a tie in First Place and I would love to pick the MagniCard as my prize. Thank you thank you :) I will email with my address :)
Who are the winners??
Dear Ms. Wackypac and all the other Wackypackers,

Since I am in awe of your group, AND I own a zip line, I would like to apply to be a virtual Wackie. I do agree to the remainder of your terms and agreements. I am submitting my blog resume and will be hopefully awaiting your approval. Upon aproval, I will then proudly place your Wackypac button on my blog.

Thank you in advance,

Beth of the North

p.s. I really do own a zip line.
Thank-you very much for the cardinal quilt as you go stain glass pattern! I just love it and really appreciate it! HUGS!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!
Tozz said…
Got my Magnifying thingy today and thanks heaps for it. I have used it already and love it. Great little gadget and very handy too being so slim. :)

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