Friday, February 20, 2009

K, I've given up on PDF and decided to go a different route--ever done that? I think I will begin a series of posts called "Wacky Scrapbook". These posts will contain information and pictures of our Wacky adventures. In this way you can get to know the Wackies and we can join together to add memories and pictures to make a virtual scrapbook. WON'T THAT BE FUN!!!

I will still add posts on each Wacky. It will be HER day and will include information that she provides and also a take on her from other Wackies. You will NOT want to miss this. So STAY TUNED.

The above picture was taken at the deer camp in 2004. This is before we joined forces with the Brat Pac. We lost one member from this group--long story--don't ask (second from left).

Other starting on the left: Annie-skip-Patty-KathyL-Rhonda-Molly (in front). This group evolved from a group of three (Kathy L, Patty, Molly), then the addition of Rhonda, then Annie. All of the addition must have happened between when this picture was taken in 2004 and

this picture in 2005. This is taken in Padukah Kentucky when we met up with the Brat Pac when we attended the ultimate "Quilt Show". This was the beginning of the group of 9. We have lost two members that are in this picture. Kathy E must have taken the picture. Let me see if I can find one that she is in-------

Here ya go! I do not know what it is so small: Starting second from left: Charlotte, Patty, Jerri, Kathleen, Kathy E, ?, Molly, and Rhonda in front. This is all the Wackie, except Kathy L. and Annie. You know what, I think I am confused about the dates. I NEED HELP FROM YOU, WACKIES. Was the first picture that Annie is included in after this trip to Padukah? I know she would have gone if she were part of the group. Let me hear from you. What about the years, do you have any idea when these pictures were taken?

Please, Wackies, join in the Scrapbooking fun. The only requirement is that you should tag your entry "scrapbook".

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Rhonda said...

Great post Molly. Boy have we come a long way!