Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Congratulations To........

I am so happy to announce that we have 4 new members to the Virtual Wacky Pack Wannabees. These ladies are very brave and very talented. We welcome to the group:
Hop on over to their blogs, congratulate them and check out what they are up to.
Being a Virtual Wacky Pack Wannabee (VWPW) simply means that you get a front row seat and open invitations to sew along with "The Wackies." At this time, as some of you know, we are working on Patriotic quilts. The idea steams from our Fisher House Quilt featured in a previous post. Our new members will have a chance to join in the fun and make their own. We will share block patterns, ideas for center blocks and there will be plenty of laughter in the process.
There's plenty of time to become a Virtual Wacky. Leave a comment stating something interesting about yourself. Maybe refer to the post below this for clues and a "Wacky" will get back to you very soon. Don't be intimidated, you'll love the ride!


MOLLY said...

I added Toni, the Quilting Pirate to the list. I think you overlooked her--thanks for the great posts!

Karen said...

Thank you so much for inviting me. I am so excited to be a member of this wacky group.

Karen in IN

SandyQuilts said...

Interesting idea.

I could not get the cindyquilts link to work ... takes me to a sign on for WordPress.