Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trunk Show

My "wacky" friend Jerri talked me into showing off some of my quilts to a group of warm and friendly ladies from a local extension club. I teased the President of the club about her voice which, when she first contacted me, sounded very much like a telemarketer. You can imagine that I was going to hang up on her when she finally mentioned Jerri's name. Anyway, we made quick plans to meet. When I hung up, of course I called my good friend Jerri who promptly apologized and offered to help. However, things didn't work out that way and I wound up doing the trunk show alone but with the full support of the "WackyPac" group from the night before. (Ladies Night Out)

Sorry, I don't have pics of the quilts I showed but the ladies were happy to pose and said that they enjoyed seeing all the quilts and wondered what I did in my spare time.....LOL

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lani said...

So now your a circuit speaker.....can i have your autograph