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Christmas Give-away

This table runner could grace your table, mantle or be draped over the back of a sofa in time for the holidays. All you have to do to get your name in the hat, so to speak, is leave a comment on this post. If you, also, copy and paste a picture of the runner onto your sidebar and link back to this blog, you name will be entered twice more. Hurry, because is give-away will end December 9th at 11:00PM, just in time to be mailed to its new owner in time for Christmas. (8 1/2" X 40" roughly)

Quick Table-runner Part3

Stitch around trees and trunks before you sew all units together. It's easier to manipulate that way.

Next, choose a fabric for the ends of your runner. Cut two 4 1/2" by 8 1/2" and sew to either ends. Note the creased area. This will help with the next step.

Using a ruler with a center angle line, place ruler onto the center fold and the edges of the ruler will match the edges of the fabric. Trim off.

Edges should look like the picture. You can round off the pointed edges, if you like.

Now, choose a backing and of course the batting. Suggestion: For table runners, a thin batting is recommended. This makes it easy to set objects on runner that are flat.

Layer the top, batting and backing together. Secure them in place in order to quilt, using pins or clips. An alternative is a bonding spray as shown in picture. It is fast, doesn't gum up your needle and will evaporate within days.

Quilt table runner in desired method. This picture shows machine stitching every half inch or…

Quick Table-runner Part2

(1) Sew the units of twos into units of fours as shown in picture. (2) Choose four shades of green from your scrap bag. Press. (3) Trace or draw your own version of a pine tree. Remember whimsical is just fine. (4) Using Steam-a-seam, trace tree pattern onto adhesive leaving enough space so that each tree can be cut apart for one another. (5) Follow the manufacturer's instructions and press each tree pattern to the back of each green fabric. Cut and place onto the 4 units of tone-on-tone. (6) Choose a brown fabric for the trunk. Use Steam-a-seam again. I did not use a pattern for the trunks. Just free-hand it or use a ruler. (7) Place each trunk with each tree. When you are happy with placement, press. You now have 4 units as shown in picture.

Wannabee FQ Winner

Congratulations to Lani! Your FQs are waiting for you to claim them.

Welcome WP Wannabees

A BIG WELCOME to all of you Wacky Pack Wannabees! I'm so excited that sew many of you are wanting to be a virtual member of our group. I hope you realize what you are getting into! LOL! It's a CRAZY group. I don't have any blood sisters, but these girls are as close as they come. We have lots of fun together and you never know what will happen next. We love to quilt, share ideas/projects, laugh (to the point of moistening our underlayers--LOL), and just have FUN. I hope you enjoy your time with us. I want to publicly thank my WP Sisters, Molly and Rhonda, for all the work they have been doing on our WP blog. Ya'll are doing a FANTASTIC job. When my turn comes up, ya'll have created some really big shoes to fill! Happy Quiltin' Kathy E (have to put the "E" 'cause there are TWO Kathy's in the group!)

Quick Table-runner

Let's make a quick table runner for the holidays. Our project will measure roughly 8 1/2" X 34". Remember, I said roughly. We bloggers understand that terminology, right......LOL The construction of the top should take about 3 to 5 hours. But if you have little interruptions such as making dinner, shopping for groceries or the daily chores of cleaning, as I often do, this may take several days. With that in mind, I have designed this project to stretch out over a few days.

(1) Choose several tone-on-tones to beige. Starch and press; (2) Cut sixteen 4 1/2" squares from chosen fabrics. (3) Sew the squares into units of 2 and press seams down. So may prefer to sew the seams open, whichever you prefer. Stay tuned for the next steps tomorrow. BWT ...... For your "Virtual Wannabee," the FQ drawing is tomorrow, as well. And there's still time to become a Virtual WackyPack Wannabee. Come on join in the fun. Just click on the Wannabee logo on our sidebar to find…

Fat Quarter - Wannabee Drawing

We've had several ladies who have joined our "Virtual Wacky Pack Wannabees." We are so excited to have you all in the group. To kick off our new group, the "Wackies" are having a Fat Quarterdrawing.
Sorry, this drawing is only for our "Wannabee" members, which, if you aren't, you still have time to become. Just leave a comment on this post expressing your "wackiness" and we'll get back to you very soon. It's still possible of a newbee to get in on the drawing.
Six FQs are up for grabs. They are from Chateaux Rococo by Robyn Pandolf for Free Spirit and Timeless Treasures Fabric, Inc.
For their prompt actions of placing the "wannabee" picture on the sidebar and linking back to the WackyPack blog, Gina, Debbie, Karen, Toni and Cindy have gotten their names in the hat, so to speak, 3 times. So, come on ladies, get those requirements done in order to be entered in the drawing. The deadline is Saturday, November 22, 2008. Let&#…

Trunk Show

My "wacky" friend Jerri talked me into showing off some of my quilts to a group of warm and friendly ladies from a local extension club. I teased the President of the club about her voice which, when she first contacted me, sounded very much like a telemarketer. You can imagine that I was going to hang up on her when she finally mentioned Jerri's name. Anyway, we made quick plans to meet. When I hung up, of course I called my good friend Jerri who promptly apologized and offered to help. However, things didn't work out that way and I wound up doing the trunk show alone but with the full support of the "WackyPac" group from the night before. (Ladies Night Out)

Sorry, I don't have pics of the quilts I showed but the ladies were happy to pose and said that they enjoyed seeing all the quilts and wondered what I did in my spare time.....LOL

Ladies Night

Seven of the nine met at our local eatery last night. And of course, we had a blast. It was non-stop at one point. We always sit in the back, in a corner. Trust me, it's better for everyone. We eat, drink and are very merry. Throw in a little Show & Tell, discuss what we want to do for the next couple of months and we all walk away refreshed.

Some of the words we live by are: Keep only cheerful friends because the grouches tend to pull you down; Keep learning all the time. Never allow your mind to become idle because an idle mind is the devil's playground whose name is Alzheimer's; Enjoy the simple things, you know flowers, nature, a sunrise, the full moon. The next one, we really take to heart .... Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you can't breathe and if you have friends who laugh....spend lots and lots of time with them; And surround yourself with what you love.
These are just a few things that keep us young.

Congratulations To........

I am so happy to announce that we have 4 new members to the Virtual Wacky Pack Wannabees. These ladies are very brave and very talented. We welcome to the group: Karen - Marie - Monica - Toni - Cindy - Hop on over to their blogs, congratulate them and check out what they are up to. Being a Virtual Wacky Pack Wannabee (VWPW) simply means that you get a front row seat and open invitations to sew along with "The Wackies." At this time, as some of you know, we are working on Patriotic quilts. The idea steams from our Fisher House Quilt featured in a previous post. Our new members will have a chance to join in the fun and make their own. We will share block patterns, ideas for center blocks and there will be plenty of laughter in the process. There's plenty of time to become a Virtual Wacky. Leave a com…


So many have yearned to be a member of the infamous "Wacky Pac". We thought it would be fun to form a VIRTUAL group of all the gals who WANNABEE WACKIES. So we came up the Wacky Pack Wannabees. BUT---------there is certain criteria that must be met. You may be a Wacky Pac Wannabee if--------

1. You are in AWE of the Wacky Quilting Group.
2. You know or want to know the meaning of "MINE"S BROKE".
3. You like to talk about alcoholic drinks more than you like to drink them.
4. You would be willing to crowd into a photo booth with 8 other Wackies.
5. You would perform a group cheer in a crowded elevator.
6. You have ever wondered where the term "Ape S__t" comes from.
7. You take your medication and then wonder what you just swallowed.
8. You love to laugh to the point of moistness.
9. You own 2 to 10 sewing machines and know how to use them.
10. You are gutsy or stupid enough to ride a zip line in Honduras.
11. You perform best when surrounded by all Wackies.
12. Y…

Fisher House Donation Quilt

This is the Wacky Packs current donation quilt. Blocks were made by the pack earlier this year on a retreat. Random Red, white, and blue blocks were made and put together by all members. The quilt will be quilted soon and donated to Fisher House, which provides free or low cost lodging to veterans and military families receiving treatment at military medical centers.

This quilt spurred a desire to make Red, White, and Blue quilts for ourselves. We are swapping blocks in February and then each Wacky will make her own quilt for her retreat bed. See some of the members blocks below. These overachievers are finished way before the deadline. We will use for the center a rendition of ourselves using a book by Amy Bradley called Quilters Yearbook.

Using the components of many different drawings of quilters, you make a likeness of yourself. It
will be fun to see the Caricatures we create of ourselves.

--------------------------------------------------------------Kathy's Block

Rhonda's Blo…


Our Halloween Weekend Retreat is over. We are back to the grind stone, so to speak. Working, whether doing laundry, housework, household chores, or jobs, it is definately not the fun time we had at our yearly Quilty gathering. We all got lots done. Some finished Red, White, and Blue Blocks for our swap, some attached borders, and some wrapped up other swap obligations. We also learned some blogging skills from each other. We all assume that we all know what the others know until we get to gether and begin to talk and then we start saying, "WHAT---HOW DO YOU DO THAT?" Also we made a pact to keep up with our group blog better. Each will be responsible for it in a designated month. I am the first one for November so here is my first attempt.
The retreat food was great as, usual. Several recipes were requested to be posted. I will do that as they come in. Here are the first ones:


Opening Deer Season Retreat

We felt so privileged to retreat at Lakeview Methodist Conference Center. The grounds are scenic, the lodging comfortable and the people friendly.
This area is called the Prayer Circle. It was very peaceful there as you could imagine.

I love birdhouses and found this one unique. To see more pics of what went on at the retreat visit Kathy, Kath, Rhonda, & Molly.