Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wacky Moments

Our Wacky Molly....not that she is well, really wacky, just not quite normal, .....suggested that we all post pictures (that showed my age!), uh photos of different Wacky Moments. You know, a virtual scrapbook. Well here we go. I will NOT put names in order to 'protect the innocent'. (yeah, like they are innocent!)

Surely that is NOT a flashing big toe ring on her toe, ya think??????? And at the restaurant (at least her feet were clean)!

Hmmmm........did someone fall out of their chair? Talk about some wet baselayers!

Ain't nuttin' better than a cold brewski and a cigar. NO, WE DID NOT INHALE!

Well, sister, it's okay to smoke these flavored cigars.....I mean, we are not inhaling! If the kids saw us now!

WHOA! Good lookin' glasses! Wonder why optometrist she uses??????

Babes, Babes, Babes

Where the hell are we??????

Brats......Just nothing but BRATS

uh.....don't burn the steaks, yea hear us????

Hmmmm.....Is this a cruisin' group??????

NICE TEETH! Have you heard the world "dentist"?

Awwwww.......that "cute lil J.J."

The bigger the hair, the closer to God.

The Official Wacky Pac Poster!


CindyCrochets said...

Great photos of great moments. I will be using the "flying bitchslap".

MOLLY said...

YeeEeeeEEAAAAAAAA! Great Photos. I knew you guys have some great photos that I don't have. I love them all. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, my friend.
BTW-all you blogging friend--she's promised to bitch slap all of us this weekend--I can't wait!! LOL

Rhonda said...

Aaaah, the memories. How sweet they are..hehehehehehehehehe