Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wacky Moments

Our "wacky" group member, Molly asked us to look though our pictures to find some of those memorable moments. Since I love taking pictures, have a quite a few.

Doing a double take, are you? So were alot of people on one of our "wacky" road trips to The Dallas fair last year. If you haven't guessed what's going on, I'll tell you. One of us got it into her head that we should all pile into one of those Picture booths and preserve history. Well, let me tell you, that was an impossibility...........piling in, I mean. Four were able to get in, while the other three were laughing so hard, it was "nearly" embarrassing. Someone (not in our group) offered to help cram the rest of our bodies in but, thank goodness, we didn't let that happen. There was not ever going to be enough sucking in, lifting up, or squishing to fit all 7 of us in that tiny, little booth.

Jerri-girl is showing off her winning from....oops...never mind.
I didn't say that......forget that I even mentioned it......hehehehehehe

I'm good, go on say it with me.

Kathy decided to dress up for dinner on the cruise with Bubba teeth and her flashing jelly ring
Ain't she the cuties thang!

Charlotte and Patty were having such a great time on those Slot machines that we couldn't pull them away, not even when a near naked hunk walked by.........just kidding ................. about the hunk, that is.

Boy, does this stuff pack a wallop!

Four of our wacky group members got it into their heads to do the "zip-line" thing in one of those wonderful countries we visited on the cruise. Don't they look brave? "Off they go into the wild green they go into the trees!"
Of course I can't show you the after messy...........just kidding.

This is a collage for one of your first T-shirts. We all tried our hand with the Iron-on stuff.

What was I thinking just now? Does anyone know what I was thinking? Are ya'll listening to me, at all?

Where did those over zombies get to? I need to catch up with them to get in on all the fun of scaring the town-folk.....hehehehehehehe


Kathy Wagner said...

I am just loving these wacky guys sure know how to have fun! I think I would've wet my pants laughing at y'all at the picture booth!

Debbe said...

Oh my goodness! You guys have too much fun! Us West Coast Wackies better step it up a notch! I love the booth photo. My family did that for a xmas card one year, of course there were only 3 of us!!!