Monday, May 4, 2009

May Retreat

The Usual Suspects (WackyPac Members)......KathyL, Charlotte, Patty, Molly, Annie, Rhonda, Jerri, KathyE and Kathleen.

Yippie's almost time for another "Wacky" retreat. We have already invited the "WestCoastWackies" to join up, in spirit, as we plan on sewing up a storm, eating healthy (sort of), laughing until base-layers are ruined and getting some rest, when needed.
If you'd like to sew along with our groups the date is May 13-17. We'll be out of touch as we'll need to concentrate on some serious sewing time but will take plenty of pics to share with everyone on our personal blogs and the "Wacky" blog.

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mjnauert said...

I love the look on Kathy's face here. That is her "I am so shocked, I am not that kind of girl" look.