Monday, May 11, 2009

This Old Quilt

This is a the newest of our "wacky" ideas......"This Old Quilt" segment is a look back at our past projects and fond memories. The Double Wedding Ring was my first and only attempt at making one. I was fortunate enough to take a class from a wonderful lady (pictured with me....Lee Fidel). Lee's quilt shop, County Fair, Waco, Texas which is not closed, was my first experience with cotton fabrics and gadgets such as rotary cutters, rulers, cutting mats....I mention those because in the early 1990s I was using scissors and pins. Anyway, the Double Wedding Ring was my second project under Lee's tutelage. I was the only one of 9 ladies to finish my quilt top.......crazy me......LOL.......Where is the quilt top now, you might ask......a long story short, Kathy L., my "wacky sister of the heart" now owns it.

Would I make another, I don't think so but I won't comment to anything at this point.
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Amanda said...

I've never made one. Yours is beautiful.