Friday, May 22, 2009


Here's to all the soldiers who are fighting for our country, to all the veterans who served our country and to all those who died and will die in service to our country. We salute you all.

On the sidebar, the "wackies" have included "Taps" which has a rich history. To find out more about the origin of it and the Union General Daniel Butterfield, click on the link. It's amazing that no matter who you are or where you are, when TAPS is played, we all know and feel the emotions that it elicits. But there are also some facts that you might not know about it. So, please check out the link and do have a safe and wonderful Memorial holiday!

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Debbe said...

Thanks for the blog Rhonda. The song is soo emotional. Once apon a time, I worked at a police department and one of our officers was killed in the line of duty. I think of him everytime I here this. It was of course played at his funeral. Thanks for helping us to remember the meaning of the holiday.